July 1st, 2015

12oz Launches Beta iPhone app for the Coffee Community of Nashville.

Our Logo

12oz Branding & Design Assets

If you plan on using the 12oz logo, please follow the branding guidelines below. (Word to the wise: always keep your designers happy!)

How to Show Respect

We don’t mean to come across as weird or harsh about all the brand stuff below. And we certainly don’t want to deter people from spreading the word. We simply want to respect the hard work and ingenuity of the talented folks who have created 12oz.

You can honor them and us by sending a short description of how you plan to talk about 12oz and a mockup or screenshot to We'll respond as quickly as possible, but may need one week to get back to you.

Once you have our approval in writing, you’re good to go!


12oz Brand Colors

Please use our standard color palette of white canvases and dark grey copy splashes with accents of 12oz blue.





Light Grey


Cool Grey


Dark Grey



12oz in Writing

When you're writing the app name, 12oz, use lowercase and make sure the "oz" is touching 12—as in, 12oz. We only use the official app name, 12oz, not any of the alternate spellings: Twelve Ounce, Twelve oz, 12ounceapp, TwleveOunce.


Product Screenshots

Feel free to use screenshots of the app. We do ask that you not superimpose other graphics, change the way the app looks, or include any information specific to an individual’s account. Including captions or annotations is fine as long as you keep them separate from the screenshot itself.


General use

Please don't use the app name, logos, or screenshots (i.e., "brand materials") in ways that may be confusing or misleading, or in a way that suggests 12oz’s sponsorship or endorsement of or affiliation with your site or publication. Be sure to make your organization's name and logo more prominent than the 12oz name or logo.

Products, websites, names and logos

Also, please don't use the 12oz name as a part of your company or service, website domain, or trade or product name. Don’t use our logo or incorporate our logo into yours. You can honor the brand we’ve worked hard to build by helping us protect it.

Linking to 12oz

If you want to use the 12oz logo and link to our site, please follow the guidelines outlined above. Here's a good example of appropriate usage: "We use 12oz!" [with a link embedded in the logo or a text link near logo].

Advertising, Promotional, and Sales Materials

If you’d like to use the 12oz logo on a website, product, packaging, manual, or other commercial application, please email in advance.