Perfect customer loyalty

Our app is perfect for your regulars. 12oz members drink more coffee and enjoy savings.

How does 12oz help coffee shops?

We designed 12oz to create a win-win for your customers and your coffee shop. They get great coffee at a great price, and the obvious benefit of endless coffee. Your shop gets more business, more exposure around town, and new customers.
Or maybe you’ve already got lines out the door and don’t need more customers. We get it. 12oz really isn’t for you. It’s for your regulars. You can give them a more convenient way to order their favorite beverages.

Where's the catch?

We don’t think there is one. We don’t ask your shop to pay a monthly membership fee. We don’t ask for a discount for 12oz members. Serving 12oz members costs you $0. We free you up to focus on creating a positive experience for your customers while we focus on sending you customers and making money off the app.